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School BBQ


Family BBQ!

Wednesday June 22, 2016  5-7pm
Rain or Shine

Catering by Harvey’s:
Hamburger/Veggie Burger $5
Cheeseburger $6
Hot Dog $4.50
Combo (chips & pop/water) add $1.50
Bring your own lawn chairs/picnic blankets, yoga matts!
Yoga with Mr. Anthony  & Smoothies after yoga
Sno Cones $1  Community Partners
Sidewalk Chalk  Bubbles
Face Painting  Games  ...and more!

"Harvey's will donate 15% of their sales back to the school.  Come to Parent Council in September and help determine where that money will go!!"

Mr. Anthony will be doing YOGA with everyone in the gym from 5-6 and then again from 6-7. We have mats but bringing your own guarantees you a spot. We have free smoothies for all pariticpants thanks to Displaying MOH_CHO_P18335_Burl_PNG_4.pngDisplaying MOH_CHO_P18335_Burl_PNG_4.pngDisplaying MOH_CHO_P18335_Burl_PNG_4.png

WE Step Up for Ft. McMurray

WE will be collecting cash donations from our community to support fire victims in Fort McMurray at the secretary's window until next week.
Please donate generously - all proceeds will be sent to Red Cross Canada.

Left over freezies from WE Step Up will be sold Thursday and Friday at 2nd break.

Daily Announcements

MONDAY JUNE 20, 2016
1. Reminder that all grade 8 homeroom grad banners need to be completed by tomorrow!
2. All grade 8 students need to bring in a picture of themselves between the ages of 1 and 6 by tomorrow.   Bring a copy if you want as you will NOT get the original back!  4.  All soccer team members please meet in the gym at the outside portion of 1st break. 10:45.
3. Congratulations to all members of the flag football team on their outstanding tournament success on Friday. In the second annual Tyler Cooper Memorial Flag Football tournament at Hayden Secondary School the Rolling Meadows Vikings were a dominant team. The Vikings went 4-0 in the round robin pool, following that up by rolling through their elimination quarter finals and semi finals games, making it to the Championship in a tournament of over 20 teams. The Championship game was an absolute nail bitter, coming down to the last play of the game. Although the Vikings did not win the Championship, every member of the team held their heads up high as they played the entire tournament with a positive attitude, working as a team and encouraging each other. Every player had contributing moments throughout the tournament towards the great success the team experienced. Congratulations on a fantastic performance!
4.  All soccer team members please meet in the gym at the outside portion of 1st break. 10:45


1. FROM MR. SOUSA: On Wednesday we will be having our second annual CANADA DAY IN JUNE to celebrate Canada.  Participate by wearing our flag colours or something with a Canadian symbol.  We will also have daily trivia announcements and draws for books.  Stay tuned!

Welcome to our "Canada Day in June" week- long celebration.

And now, it's time for our first daily Canadian Trivia.  Did you know that ...

* Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world, at 243,977 kilometers. We are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

* Six cities in Canada have a population of over one million people each:  Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.

*Montreal is the world's second largest French speaking city, after Paris in France.

Congratulations everyone who won  books today.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more music, trivia and book winners!

And remember, Canada is the best place to live, EH?!!!!!


* Library Leaders meet at 10:45 in the library
* Mr. Ritari and the recycling bins will be in front of the auditorium first break today.
* Grade 7 Girls' Club meeting in Mrs. McCoy's room at 10:45.
* Grade 7 & 8 Math Help in Mr. Marchione's room (218) during 2nd half of 2nd break. Bring any work, questions, and materials to work on during this time!
*Flag Football Team - there will be a practice today at second break Recess
1. Grad Committee meets at first break in the library- bring your lunch!

And now, it's time for our daily Canadian Trivia.  Did you know that ...

*Canada has the longest highway in the world.  The Trans-Canada Highway is over 7,604 kilometers in lenght, stretching across our country from the Maritimes to British Columbia!

*Half of Canada is covered with forests.  We have one-tenth of the world's forests!

*Canada is lucky to have 9% of the world's renweable water supply!

*Canada has six different time zones.

*Canada has a population of 2.4 million moose! Our HUMAN population is 35 million.

* Library Leaders meet at 1:10
* There will be a Beyond the Hurt meeting today in the library - everyone needs to be there.  

Fabulous news everyone:  WE Step Up raised $592.40 for Ft McMurray.  A cheque will be sent on our school's behalf to the Canadian Red Cross this week.

Congratulations to the girls' soccer team on their North Burlington Soccer League Championship.  The girls went undefeated in all of their games.  Special thanks to the Gr 7 girls for unselfishly allowing the Gr 8s to have the 2nd half as their very last athletic adventure as Rolling Meadows Vikings!

And now, it's time for our daily Canadian Trivia.  Did you know that ...

*On the actual Canada Day --  July 1st.,-- Canada will be 149 years old.  Canada became an independent nation on July 1st 1867.  Our first Prime Minister was Sir John A. MacDonald.

*the maple leaf on our flag has eleven points

*Canada has more lakes than all other countries put together! Twenty per cent of the world's fresh water is in Canada!

*Macaroni and Cheese is the most purchased packaged grocery item in Canada.

*One in every five Canadians was born outside of Canada.

*Basketball was invented by a Canadian teacher who was working in the United States.  His name was James Naismith.

* 15, 500 of the world's 25,000 polar bears live in Canada.

and ... return all books to the library please!

The Rollling Meadows Spring BBQ is tonight from 5-7!
Catering by Harvey’s:
Hamburger/Veggie Burger $5
Cheeseburger $6
Hot Dog $4.50
Combo (chips & pop/water) add $1.50
Bring your own lawn chairs/picnic blankets, yoga matts!
Yoga with Mr. Anthony  Smoothies
Sno Cones $1  Community Partners
Sidewalk Chalk  Bubbles
Face Painting  Games  ...and more!

Mr. Anthony will be doing YOGA with everyone in the gym from 5-6 and then again from 6-7. We have mats but bringing your own guarantees you a spot. We have free smoothies for all pariticpants thanks to Displaying MOH_CHO_P18335_Burl_PNG_4.pngDisplaying MOH_CHO_P18335_Burl_PNG_4.pngDisplaying MOH_CHO_P18335_Burl_PNG_4.png

* Library Leaders meet at 10:45 AM


Welcome to our "Canada Day in June" week long celebration. It was great to see everyone wearing the red and white yesterday!!  Well done, Rolling Meadows!

And now, it's time for our daily Canadian Trivia.  Did you know that ...

*You can send mail to Canada's government for free?

*Canada has more doughnut shops than anywhere else in the world!

*77% of the world's maple syrop is made in Quebec.

*Canada's has an official phone number.  It is 1-800-O-Canada


 FRIDAY JUNE 24, 2016
*Library Leaders meet @ 10:45 in the library



Thank you everyone for celebrating Canada as a community this week.  As always, Rolling Meadows rocks, eh?

And now, it's time for one more round of Canadian Trivia.  Did you know that ...

*A man from Ontario invented Hawaiian pizza!?!

*Half of Canada's provinces, which make up more than 85% of our population, are governed by women,  And half of our Federal government's ministers are women.  Now that is impressive!

*Famous Canadians include: Wayne Gretzky, Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, James Cameron, Jim Carrey, Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdmas, Mike Myers, Ryan Reynolds and THE ORIGINAL Captain Kirk himself -- William Shatner.

*we are the second largest country in the world, after Russia.

*Canada has 1,453 airports
*and ---  hashtag WE THE NORTH!  We rock at all kinds of sports!

Congratulations to all our book winners this week. Remember what Dr. Seuss once said:  
"The more you READ the more things you will know.  The more that you LEARN, the more PLACES you'll go."

Remember, Canada is still NUMBER ONE, EH?!!!!!



Grade 8 Graduation Information

Can you believe your child is heading off to High School in September? We are in the midst of preparing to celebrate your child’s Graduation from Rolling Meadows Public School.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 28, 2016
WHERE: M.M. Robinson High School, Upper Middle Road
6:00 p.m. Students arrive at M.M. Robinson
6:10 p.m. Students assemble for Ceremony
6:30 p.m. Ceremony Begins
7:30 p.m. Ceremony ends
7:30 p.m. Photo opportunity for Parents/Guardians and Students and Gymnasium is cleared
8:00 p.m. Dance begins (Parents/Guardians to share the first dance with their son/daughter)
10:00 p.m. Dance ends (Please pick up your child promptly)

We have asked students to dress appropriately for this evening.

Thank you.
Mr. Slemko, Principal

New JK/SK Students

Attention Parents & NEW JK/SK Students!
Please make note of these two very special events to help your child get ready for school!

Please join us on Thursday, May 12th from 5:30-7:00 pm in the Library for a Kindergarten Orientation at Rolling Meadows.

Please RSVP to Lisa Mizzi at mizzil@hdsb.ca 


Please join us for our story time offered only to children entering JK at Rolling Meadows in September.  It will be a great chance to sing some songs, practice some JK skills and meet new friends.  Come out and have some fun with us!  This is a free program!

Who? Open to any child entering JK at Rolling Meadows in SeptemberParents, grandparents, babysitters are welcome to come with their pre-JK child & stay for the duration of the program

What? Sing songs, become comfortable at school, practice classroom routines (sitting in a circle, taking turns, raising your hand, etc.), introduce Kindergarten expectations (colours, numbers, letters, etc.), meet new friends and neighbourAnswer caregiver questions
Where? Kindergarten rooms at Rolling Meadows

When? 9:00-9:45 am on May 19 & 26, June 2 & 9
How? To register, please email Lisa Mizzi at mizzil@hdsb.ca 

Class Building Information

Class Building for Next Year

We will start to build classes for September 2016 during the month of May. We will make every effort to balance classes and will spend many hours reviewing the learning profiles of our students. Our goal is to find the best placement for each student. A number of factors will be considered in building classes; such as, academic achievement, learning styles, social groupings and a balance of boys and girls. This information, combined with our knowledge of the teaching styles of staff members is utilized to create classes that will help each student be successful.

As parent(s)/guardian(s), you know your child from a different point of view and may be able to provide us with additional information about the learning environment you feel would be most suitable for your child.  Parents are invited to write or email the Principal, Mr. Slemko at slemkob@hdsb.ca.  Please include the name of the child and state any factors you feel should be considered when determining class placements.  Please do NOT request specific teachers. Staffing and teaching assignments may change before September and such requests cannot be honoured.

We request your input no later than Friday, May 6th. We will not be accepting any requests after this date. The school reserves the right to make final placement decisions.   Thank you.

Student Attendance Information

As you know, Rolling Meadows launched the Elementary Student Attendance program a few years ago.  Phase 1 of this program involved parents calling in to the Student Attendance Line (1-877-409-6310) or logging on to the Parent Portal website at

  • student absences
  • late arrivals/early pick up
  • vacations
We have been very pleased with the response and the involvement of our parent community for this initial phase of the program, and the purpose of this letter is to advise we are implementing the next phase of the program this Wednesday, April 6, 2016.

Parents are welcome to inform teachers of absences/lates via agendas/notes, however once the system is implemented on April 6, 2016, you  must  call 1-877-409-6310 and/or the Parent Portal website to inform the office by 9:15 am on the day of the absence.  If you have planned vacation or appointments that are coming up, please ensure that you update this information on the portal as well.  Future absences can be reported at any time.

This final stage enables the attendance program to be fully automated.  When a student is marked absent from school and you do not contact the Student Attendance Line to report the absence, you will receive an automated call via SchoolConnects.  This automated call requires you to advise whether or not you are aware or unaware of your child’s absence/late at school.  Please note if you receive a call you MUST answer all the questions during the call or the system will call you again.

We thank you for your continued cooperation and ask for your patience as we move onto this next phase in the implementation of the program.
B. Slemko, Principal

Collaborative Problem Solving

We are excited to have Dr. Stuart Ablon return to the Halton District School Board on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

Dr. Ablon will help us think differently about why some children and adolescents have difficulty managing their behaviour.  His presentation will provide an overview of Collaborative Problem Solving, and evidence-based approach to understanding and helping children and adolescents with behaviour challenges.  This is a great opportunity for parents, community agencies and HDSB staff to develop a common philosophy and language to providing support for our kids.

Please share this message with parents in your community, see the attached flyer for all the details.

We look forward to seeing our Halton Parents at this wonderful and informative event.

Think Recycle

Dear Families

Rolling Meadows PS is partnering with Think Recycle to recycle your unwanted cell phones

We are proud to announce that Rolling Meadows is calling on all parents, guardians and friends to

recycle their unwanted cell phones to help us raise funds for playground enhancements.

These items will be sent to Think Recycle in exchange for cash rebates.  

By collecting and recycling your old cell phones and smart phones you’re helping to teach our students

about the importance and value of recycling.

You can help by simply dropping off your items in the green cell phone box located by the main office at

Rolling Meadows.  

We recommend that you erase any private information from items prior to dropping them off. If you

are unable to do this, Think Recycle will ensure that any information left on devices is wiped clean.  

On behalf of Rolling Meadows, we look forward to your donation.

Think Recycle fundraising program is a division of Greentec which is committed to responsible

recycling. This is backed up with ISO-14001 Certification and zero-landfill policy. If you would like to

know more about Think Recycle visit www.thinkrecycle.com or email members@thinkrecycle.com  or

contact a representative by calling toll-free: 1.888.265.2895.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Rolling Meadows

Parent Council

Lunchroom Supervisors

Lunchroom Supervisors

If you are interested in becoming a paid Lunch Room Supervisor at Rolling Meadows, please contact the school as soon as possible 905-332-6000.  The position is Monday thru Friday from 12:40 to 1:40 p.m.

DreamBox For Grades 1-6 2015-2016

September 2015

Dear Families,

This year, your child will continue to have access to DreamBox. DreamBox is a program that incorporates adaptive learning technology. Adaptive technology is defined as software that learns and alters itself based on the user’s inputs, while allowing for interaction with a broad base of learning styles. This differs greatly from many of the other math sites you may have heard of (e.g., IXL, Prodigy, etc.) in that information is gathered on how students respond to a question rather than simply the answer.

We encourage your child to access the program at home. It is often difficult to watch our children make mistakes. It is a natural instinct to want to help, however, please resist helping your child in the moment. When your child makes mistakes, DreamBox uses this information to meet their learning needs and provide additional support in a fun and interactive way. True learning comes from making mistakes. The data collected to support your child’s learning needs. Knowing that you are interested in your child’s progress, here are some ways that you can support them:
  • Ask them to teach you how to use DreamBox
  • Have them explain what they are doing as they work through the program
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher with periodic updates of what you are seeing at home (e.g., improved confidence in working with concepts, where they are needing help, etc.)
  • View the Parent Tips and Resources at http://www.dreambox.com/parent-video  

The Fraser Institute released an article about adaptive technology and makes reference to the benefits of DreamBox: http://www.fraserinstitute.org/uploadedFiles/fraser-ca/Content/research-news/research/publications/AdaptiveEdDraft_final.pdf 

The most important thing you can do to support your child in learning mathematics is to encourage them. You are an important partner in your child’s mathematics education.

B. Slemko               D. Jones
Principal               Vice Principal

LunchBox Orders

Dear Parents/Guardians:                                        

Rolling Meadows Public School is excited to continue the Lunchbox Orders for Tuesdays.

Lunchbox Orders is a convenient, online ordering platform featuring local restaurants.  An ordering calendar has been coordinated for the
Rolling Meadows community and may be found at www.lunchboxorders.com.    All orders are submitted on the website and payment is
processed on-line by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Visa Debit.  Visa and MasterCard gift cards are also accepted on the site.  
How to Order:
1.      Go online at www.lunchboxorders.com and click on “ORDER LUNCH”.
2.      Click on the green “sign up” button to register your family account.
3.      Add your child to your account by clicking on “add a student”.
4.      Click “Order Now” (beside your child’s name) to access the school’s ordering calendar.
Proceed with ordering your child’s lunch by clicking on the blue order date.

The Benefits:
1.      All proceeds will benefit student learning at Rolling Meadows.
2.      All menu items featured are compliant with the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Food and Beverage Policy, PPM 150.
3.      Lunchbox Orders is paperless and cashless.  Ordering online is fast and easy!
4.      Orders may be placed weekly or in advance, until Sunday at NOON.

Dates to Remember:

  • All orders, updates and cancellations must be submitted by Sunday at 12pm for the following week.
If you have any questions, please contact the Lunchbox Orders customer service team at 1.877.426.6860 or by e-mail at info@lunchboxorders.com.  The Customer Service Team is available Monday – Friday 9am to 9pm and Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm.

Thank you,
Mr. B. Slemko,

Art Supplies

Rolling Meadow's Art Department is in need of the following supplies:

- baby food jars
- old shirts (used for smocks)
- newspapers

Mr. Ritchie, Art Teacher

Inclement weather

The weather is changing. As you can see and feel we are now enjoying some chilly weather. Rolling Meadows follows HDSBs Inclement Weather Policy and that means that we still go outside when it's cold. We need to see everyone dress properly for winter in Canada. We use the Weather Tool located at the bottom of this webpage to determine the temperature outside. If the temperature or windchill reaches -20 C we will stay inside. Full details of the Inclement Weather Policy can be found here.

Please see the No Scents Campaign poster

Please see the No Scents Campaign poster found under Forms and Letters in the Sidebar to the right.

Please read: Help Us Stay Healthy

The following is helpful information from Halton Region Health

wash_your_hands (1).pdf

Optional Attendance Info on Sidebar to the right under Invitations and Events

Cashless Schools

All field trip payments are now available for payment online. Check out the Cashless Schools Instructions in the right side bar and the Cashless Schools set up link and LOGIN on our school website at the top. Help us provide you with an easy, convenient and safe means to make purchases for your child.

Mental health and well being

Mental health and well-being is everyone's responsibility
The Halton District School Board has produced a mental health video for parents and guardians as part of its strategy to improve awareness and promote positive mental health and well-being.  The two-minute video is linked from the main page of the Board’s website at www.hdsb.ca  (Mental Health and Well-being) as well as posted on YouTube and on HDSB TV for staff.

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