Parent Workshop Series - Learning Disabilities Association of Halton
The Learning Disabilities Association of Halton (LDAH), using a PRO Grant, has organized a number of Workshops and Parent Tool Kit Sessions.  A number of resources will also be shared with parents in attendance.


Raccoon Rabies

The Halton Region Health Department has received test results confirming cases of raccoon rabies found in skunks in Burlington. The rabies virus is spread through the saliva of an infected animal, usually entering through a bite or scratch. Halton Health Dept reminds anyone who comes into physical contact with a raccoon or other wild animal to see a physician immediately about post-exposure rabies treatment and to report the exposure to the Health Dept as soon as possible, by calling 311. 

The Health Department is reminding residents to:
  • teach children to avoid unfamiliar cats and dogs, not to touch sick or dead animals and to observe wild animals from a distance,
  • ensure dogs and cats are kept up-to-date with their rabies vaccinations, 
  • not allow pets to roam free and keep them indoors at night to prevent contact with wild animals, 
  • take pets that come in contact with a raccoon or other wild animal to a veterinarian for follow-up, 
  • not attempt to relocate wild animals. 
More information about rabies is available at

HDSB Parent Involvement Committee (PIC)

Check out PIC's Twitter account. We encourage you and parent communities across the HDSB to follow PIC at @HaltonDSBPIC.  Join the conversation and become engaged parents of 21st Century learners! This is a great opportunity for all of us to connect in the digital world, share resources and the PIC activities taking place at our schools, and model positive digital interaction for our children.  

Additional PIC information can be found on HDSB's web-site page:  Parent Involvement Committee.

Your Student's Agenda 

We encourage you to take time to review the upfront pages in your student's agenda with your child.  The content is informative and can serve as a discussion opener about your student's school experiences.

The Intermediate agenda pages may be found here.

Subpages (1): School Hours and Dates