Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

A Shared Responsibility

When students, staff and parents/guardians work together to create safe, caring, equitable and inclusive schools, it has a powerful impact on the climate of the school. Each partner has an important contribution to make toward the establishment of a positive school climate in which all members of the school community feel safe, included, accepted, and actively promote positive behaviours and interactions. ​

The Parent’s/Guardian's Responsibility

  • ​Understand the Board Code of Conduct and Provincial Code of Conduct

  • Encourage and assist your child in following the rules of behaviour

  • Encourage and assist your child to attend school regularly and on time

  • Show an active interest in your child’s academic and social development

  • Talk with your child about how they can contribute to keeping their school a safe

  • and inclusive placeBe a positive role model for your child

  • Assist your school’s staff in dealing with disciplinary issues involving your child

  • Refrain from disrespectful conduct that includes but is not limited to:

          • excessive demands for meetings or unreasonable communication requests​​​

          • making derogatory/insulting comments to staff​​​

          • shouting/swearing at staff​​​

          • bullying/gossiping​​​

Click here for the full Code of Conduct which describes responsibilities for all members of our school community, including staff and students.